DM – Solder paste and adhesive dispenser

The ultimate paste/adhesive dispenser for makers and hobbyists.
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Dispense easily and accurately a wide range of fluids from thin adhesives to solder pastes and gels. Designed to be used handheld or with other systems like 3D printers, it’s a highly versatile tool for most dispensing applications. All at an affordable price!



Main features:

– Easy to use: refill and swap between syringes in just seconds and store your leftover paste or adhesive in the same syringe.

– Power via USB port or DC connector, no compressor needed.

– 3 Dispensing modes: Manual, Timer and Dot.

– Pick up mode! using a second empty syringe (included) you can pick SMD components straight from the tape for faster and easier board assembly:

– Small footprint, just 9x7cm.

– Compatible with external switches.

– Optically isolated input for connecting with external devices like 3D printers and CNCs. Wide trigger input range : 3-12Vdc

– Load your own custom firmware, you can reprogram the microcontroller if you have a very specific application.

– Store settings in memory for up to 15 different fluids.

– Includes two syringes and 12 tips suitable for most fluids (other styles and sizes available on request).

– Optional extension cable available for the motor. 40cm by default, 80cm total length with extension.

– Dispenser can be powered with a standard 5Vdc 5.5/2.1mm center positive cable or if you prefer convenience of the USB port you can still use it.


– A syringe coupler is now included for easier refilling, very useful for solder pastes and similar high viscosity fluids:

coupler_a     coupler_b

What’s included?



– Control unit.

– 2 empty syringes with caps and pistons around 15cc effective volume each.

– 1x Red piston for pick and place function.

– 12 tips of the following sizes:
2x tapered 18ga
2x tapered 20ga
2x tapered 22ga
1x straight stainless steel 14ga
1x 45deg stainless steel 14ga
2x straight stainless steel 20ga
2x straight stainless steel 22ga

– 1x Coupler for easy fluid transfer between syringes.

– 1x Rubber tip for picking up large ICs.

Foot switch and finger switch also available:

Important: There’s countless types of pastes in the market and I can’t guarantee that yours can be dispensed with all the included tip sizes, get a low viscosity brand name paste (the ones that come in small syringes, not jars) and you shouldn’t have any problems.


Watch the introduction video:


Download the quick guide here