DM dispenser

The ultimate dispenser for makers, hobbyists and small production runs.

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Dispense easily and accurately a wide range of fluids from thin adhesives to solder pastes and gels. Designed to be used handheld or with other systems like 3D printers, it’s a highly versatile tool for most dispensing applications. All at an affordable price!


Watch the introduction video:





Main features:

– Easy to use: refill in under 2 minutes with no mess, swap between syringes in just seconds and store your leftover paste or adhesive in the same syringe.

– Power via USB port or DC connector, no compressor needed.

– 3 Dispensing modes: Manual, Timer and Dot.

– Pick up mode! using a second empty syringe (included) you can pick SMD components straight from the tape for faster and easier board assembly:



– Small footprint, just 9x7cm.

– Compatible with external switches.

– Optically isolated input for connecting with external devices like 3D printers and CNCs. Wide input range : 3-12Vdc (can be extended to 24V by adding a 1k series resistor).

– Load your own custom firmware, you can reprogram the microcontroller if you have a very specific application.

– Store settings in memory for up to 15 different fluids.

– Includes two syringes and 12 tips suitable for most fluids (other styles and sizes available on request).


What’s included?


– Control unit.

– 2 empty syringes with caps and pistons around 15cc effective volume each.

– 12 tips of the following sizes:
2x tapered 18ga
2x tapered 20ga
2x tapered 22ga
2x straight stainless steel 14ga
2x straight stainless steel 20ga
2x straight stainless steel 22ga

– Rubber tip for picking up large ICs.


Foot switch also available:



New for V1.2!!!

-DC power jack added for more flexible power options


Dispenser can now be powered with a standard 5Vdc 5.5/2.1mm center positive cable or if you prefer convenience of the USB port you can still use it.


-More powerful/efficient stepper motor driver


Although the motor remains the same as the previous version the user now has the ability to connect much larger ones if needed. It is also heatsinked via the PCB and aluminium fins and draws 20% less current for the same power output. Read using the DC power jack for more info.


Other smaller changes:

-Stronger, higher quality parts.

-Softer foot switch.

-Cable extension now available.

-More grippy feet to prevent dispenser from moving around.

-Improved packaging.


Important: There’s countless types of pastes in the market and I can’t guarantee that yours can be dispensed with all the included tip sizes, get a low viscosity brand name paste (the ones that come in small syringes, not jars) and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Download the quick guide here