Advanced settings

The advanced or “extended” menu lets you modify even more parameters if you need full control for your dispensing application. For most users these settings don’t need to be changed, only do it after you’ve fully understood how this device operates.


6 Pick up mode


When the dispenser is in this screen pressing and holding Start will quickly retract the piston at the set speed, pressing again will return it to its original location ready for picking up the next part. Go to the pick up mode section for more info.


7 Manual movement speed


Sets the speed at which the piston moves when you press down on either of the knobs.


8 Retraction speed


Speed at which the piston retracts after each dispense cycle. Do not set too high otherwise separation between piston and fluid may occur, as well as missed steps.


9 Trigger on high/low signal


Change to “High signal” if you’re connecting a normally closed external switch.


10 Timer and dot resolution



During Timer mode it changes the resolution between 0.1s and 0.01s

In Dot mode it changes between 0.01mm and 0.001mm


11 Wait after trigger


Creates a pause between receiving the start signal and the beginning of the dispense cycle. Can be useful when connecting with an external sensor.


12 Wait before retract


Pauses the motor between the forward and backwards movement of the piston on each dispense cycle.

Use this if you have oozing despite using a large retraction value, it gives time for the internal pressure to relieve before sucking back, making it more effective.

For example let’s say you have the dispenser set in Timer mode with a time of 1.8 seconds, to get more control you can dispense for just 1.5 seconds and put a “wait before retract” time of 0.3s, the fluid will continue to come out during this time but you’ll need less retraction because some pressure was relieved already.


13 Backlash distance


Compensates for backlash in the leadscrew, no need to change.


14 Motor always on: Yes/No


It powers the stepper motor even if there’s no movement. This is useful when you want to measure the maximum current draw of the device. Leave this off during normal operation.


15 Language


Language displayed on the menus, change between English or Spanish.