Pick up mode

This mode allows you to pick up SMD components for an easier assembly of your boards.

With an empty syringe the piston can be quickly pulled back to create a small vacuum that lifts them up.
NOTE: Red piston (included) is recommended for better performance.


Before you start however, you’ll need to add a couple of drops of general purpose oil into your syringe, you only need to do this once. This is important for three reasons:

– Reduces friction, preventing the motor from missing steps at high speed.

– Creates a better seal for the vacuum.

– Reduces wear on the walls of the barrel.

Adding two drops of 3 in 1 oil on the edge of the syringe before inserting the piston, only needed if you’ll be using the pick and place mode.
Don’t put too much, you don’t want oil to come out when you move the piston all the way forward. Without the cap on, move the piston back and forward by hand until you feel less resistance.

I recommend you choose one syringe for picking components and don’t reuse it for anything else.

To get a more comfortable grip you can bend the included stainless tips like this:



Simply bend it to the desired angle by using the rounded edge of a table or something similar:



Once you’ve put some oil, attach the syringe to the motor and press the left knob to move the piston all the way to the end like this:
To get into picking mode, simply go to menu screen 6, as long as you remain in this screen  you’re in this mode.

To pick a part, place the tip level with the component and then press and hold the Start button, you should be able to lift it right away. Keep pressing the button for 1 or 2 seconds to create a strong enough vacuum. You can even hear the pitch of the motor change when the vacuum has been created properly. Now you can release the button, the piston will stop moving and the part will be held in the tip.

Place your component in the pad and press the Start button again just once. The piston will return releasing the part and stop automatically at the end of the syringe.

That’s all, repeat as many times as necessary.

If you feel that you need more vacuum increase the speed in +1 increments, typical speeds range from 25 to 30.


Small passive components can be lifted using the pink or blue steel tips.

For large ICs remember to use the rubber tip: