Cleaning and reusing

The syringes or barrels shipped with the dispenser are the highest quality available for industrial use and since we’re using mechanical means for dispensing (as opposed to compressed air) you can reuse them many times before you see a degradation in performance.

When the piston has reached the end of the barrel remove your dispensing tip, then unlock the motor and SLOWLY pull it back. When pulling be careful to only apply vertical force to the shaft, do not bend or pull the motor at an angle  that could damage the leadscrew or motor shaft.

Once the piston is out clean the syringe thoroughly, use an upside down pencil or a long thin object along with a alcohol wipes or isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. Don’t use sharp objects since they could scratch the walls. Add more alcohol if you’re having trouble removing all paste.





If you want to reuse the tips you can clean them too, use a toothpick to remove most of the paste inside, then wipe with a rolled up napkin or paper towel.


Finally, to remove the remaining paste on the edge, you can use a paper clip or a strand of wire, if you put a couple of drops of alcohol it dissolves the paste and it’s much easier.