For best results

Follow these tips if you are having trouble dispensing your solder paste:

– Use the lowest viscosity paste you can get. It will give you more responsiveness, speed, consistency and control.

– Let the paste warm up to room temperature, this will lower its viscosity. This is also necessary for any other dispensing machines, not just this one.

– Always use the biggest tip size possible for your application. This will lower the force needed to push the paste through.

– Fill the syringe with less paste, again this reduces the required force.

– Use a lower dispensing speed. The paste is very sensitive to the pressure build up inside and the more time you give it to stabilize it will react in a more predictable way.

– If you have trouble with the paste not sticking to the board, dispense at an angle greater than 45deg and lift the tip straight up when you’re done. Applying flux to the board can also help the paste to stick in place.