Filling the syringe

There’s a couple of ways to fill the dispensing syringes, depending on viscosity and presentation of the material.

If your fluid comes in a syringe already (like many solder pastes) the easiest way is to use the included coupler and fill it from the bottom:

Just remember to put the piston all the way in before transferring the paste, this will prevent air from getting trapped inside.


Another way is to transfer from the top of the syringe, this is useful for adhesives and other fluids which usually come in plain tubes or containers with spouts.

1. With the bottom cap on, slowly pour the material in the center, try not to smear the sides.



2. Push the piston inside while squeezing the sides of the barrel with the other hand. Trapped air will escape trough the small gap between the syringe walls and the piston, you can feel when this is happening.



3. Continue all the way down until the fluid is touching all around the bottom of the piston, this means there’s no air trapped inside.



Ready! Now you can attach it to the motor and start dispensing or put the top lid and store it for later use.