Finding the correct settings

Every fluid and tip size combination will require specific settings to get consistent, predictable results. This is a one time procedure, the internal memory will save all the parameters and next time you’ll be ready to dispense straight away.


First you need to prime the tip: put the dispenser in Manual mode then press and hold the Start button (or pedal, switch, etc) then release when it’s about to reach the end.

Here’s a useful trick: if the paste keeps coming out even after the motor has stopped quickly tap the start button again, this will advance the piston just a little but more importantly it will also pull back the full retraction distance which will release the internal pressure very quickly.

Wipe any paste that may have built up.




The first setting you’re going to find is the retraction value, this is probably the most important one to achieve good results.

Set the dispensing speed to a low number like 3 or 4, then get a scrap PCB with the pad sizes you’ll be dispensing.

Press the start button and release as soon as you see the right amount of paste being deposited.



Now look at the tip and see if there’s paste slowly coming out of it. Wipe it and increase retraction in 0.02mm increments and try again.

Repeat until you see very little or no oozing.


If the paste takes too long to come out when you press the button then it means the retraction value is too high, you need to lower it. Avoid too much retraction because it can cause separation between the piston and the paste, this will create air bubbles and then dispensing will be inconsistent.

A small build up of paste is normal if you let the syringe still for a while (as long as this build up doesn’t exceed the size of your next pad) when you´re dispensing from one point to another this will not be a problem.

Once you start getting good results you can increase the speed, do it in increments of +1 until you get the right balance between speed and consistency, with more practice you’ll be able to go quicker. Keep in mind that retraction may need to be increased as well to release the extra pressure from the faster moving piston.


That’s it! now your dispenser is configured for this specific tip size, and paste combination. If you change any of the two you’ll need slightly different settings, I recommend you pick a different profile for each one (menu item 5), that way you can recall them quickly in the future.