User Interface

This is a description of the basic menus on the LCD screen of the control unit. To navigate between them use the left “Menu” knob and to change a specific value use the right “Value” knob.
These are also buttons, pressing the left knob will push the piston forward or lift the syringe (if it’s not locked). The opposite happens by pressing the knob on the right.




Top left: Count, useful for keeping track of dispensed pads. While displaying this screen turning the “Value” knob will increase or decrease current count by +-1.

Top right: Dispense mode.

Bottom left: Speed.

Bottom right: Retraction setting.


1 Dispensing speed


Range from 1 to 30. For high viscosity fluids typical values are between 1 and 7, medium and low viscosity use 7 to 20.
Above 20 the fluid is extruded at a fast rate, so be aware it might be difficult to control.


2 Retraction


This is the distance the piston will retract automatically after dispensing, essential to prevent oozing and dripping. Typical values are between 0.10 and 0.20mm


3 Modes


Manual: Press and hold to dispense.





Timer: Press start once and it will dispense for the set amount of time (timer resolution can be changed in 0.01 sec increments, read advanced settings for more info).





Dot: Similar to timer mode except volume is  controlled by piston distance, not time. Press start once and it will move the piston the set distance.


4 Counter


Enables or disables the counter on the main screen, switching on and off also resets the count.


5 Use settings profile


Displays the current active profile. A “profile” is a set of parameters that is saved in the internal memory, since each fluid and tip combination (even pad size) will have different speed and retraction values this is an easy way to change between them. When you change profile its values are immediately loaded.

Any changes you make are automatically saved to the current active profile after one dispense cycle. For example changing speed from 4 to 5 will only be saved after dispensing with the new value.


Show extended menu


Hides advanced settings to keep menu navigation simple. Go to the advanced settings for more info.